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Know Your Numbers

Who has high blood pressure? As many as 73 million Americans have high blood pressure. Of the 1 in every 4 adults with high blood pressure, 31.6 percent are not aware they have it.
— National Stroke Association

It’s hard to measure progress if there is no defined beginning and end point.



Marty and I schedule annual checkups with our family doctor who we have seen since we were in our thirties. Over the years at first our health was slowly deteriorating. Marty’s fasting blood sugar was creeping up to the top of the normal range. Carrie’s cholesterol numbers were in the borderline range. Plus the weight was certainly going up and not down for either of us. Once we made a serious commitment in spring of 2009 to live a healthy lifestyle our food choices dramatically affected these numbers and our health remarkably improved.  

We strongly recommend that if you don’t already know your numbers then it's time for you to find out.  Schedule a visit to your doctor, and get the lab work done so that you know the status of your body’s health. Pay attention to your numbers; understand what they mean to you so that you can take the appropriate actions to improve your health.   Discuss with your doctor how to get the results you want without taking prescription medications. Come up with a plan that allows you to change your diet eliminating the culprits that keep you from being full of vitality.

Each person has their own unique body with varying degrees of healthiness and issues.

Don’t assume that just focusing on the weight loss numbers will ensure and improvement in health. The quality of the nutrients you eat can determine the outcome of your health. You might be able to lose some weight on a diet focused on increasing protein and fat with an emphasis on eating more meats, poultry and dairy. But can your body tolerate increased amounts of animal product without any short or long term damage to your overall health? If you say you will only eat vegetarian or vegan don’t be duped into eating the foods that quickly convert to sugar in your system such as pasta, white potatoes, and baked goods.

According to the National Stroke Association “as many as 73 million Americans have high blood pressure. Of the 1 in every 4 adults with high blood pressure, 31.6 percent are not aware they have it”. Become aware of the different ways to measure the health of your body beyond just weighing in on the scale. Get familiar with your numbers associated with your blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels. By knowing these numbers you will know if you are within a healthy range, and if you are not you can take action now to improve your health.  You have the power to influence these numbers by the food choices you make.

Reversing disease through nutrition is possible.

We are living proof. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a board-certified family physician, best-selling author and nutritional researcher has inspired us to change our lifestyle primarily by encouraging us to eat a nutrient rich diet. His website offers specific detailed information on what you can do nutritionally to dramatically improve your health and reverse disease. Whether you have questions about arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis or any of a cornucopia of health related concerns Dr. Fuhrman covers it all with science based evidence and practical information that you can use and discuss with your health providers. By following Dr. Fuhrman’s advice we focused on eating to take care of our health. Our blood pressure and cholesterol numbers improved and are now within an optimal range and as a result of eating nutrient rich food we both lost a substantial amount of weight.

Shelby's Guidelines: 

  • Check in with your medical provider.
  • Get all the necessary tests to know your numbers - blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and insulin.
  • Discuss with your medical provider how to get optimal health without taking prescription medications.
  • Develop a strategy to get and stay healthy.

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Do you know your numbers? Are you making progress towards your health goals? Are you at optimal health?