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Movie Review: King Corn

Since I have midwestern roots I can relate to the corn fields in this documentary movie. My parents both grew up in Kewanee a small town in Illinois surrounded by rolling hills of farmland. Today those fields are planted with corn and soybean crops in rows as far as the eye can see. And surprisingly the corn is mostly feed corn which means it's not meant for human consumption. 

Besides being an entertaining story of two young men and their exploration of where our food is coming from and where it all ends up, this movie provides an in depth look at the United States agricultural business model of farm subsidies, the pervasive use of corn in our food supply and how this one ingredient can cause so much damage in terms of the health of a nation. 

I highly recommend this movie. It will increase your awareness of agricultural issues in the United States and may cause you to hesitate eating another bite of fast food or slurping down that soft drink.

King Corn is a feature documentary about two friends, one acre of corn, and the subsidized crop that drives our fast-food nation. In the film, Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis, best friends from college on the east coast, move to the heartland to learn where their food comes from. With the help of friendly neighbors, genetically modified seeds, and powerful herbicides, they plant and grow a bumper crop of America’s most-productive, most-subsidized grain on one acre of Iowa soil. But when they try to follow their pile of corn into the food system, what they find raises troubling questions about how we eat—and how we farm.
King Corn
Starring Bob Bledsoe, Earl L. Butz, Dawn Cheney, Ian Cheney, Don Clikeman