Our Goals

Our goals: Disease free. No chronic pain. No need for medication. No toxins. Strength, energy and stamina. 

Disease free. No chronic pain. No need for medication. No toxins. Strength, energy and stamina. These are all elements of a healthy lifestyle.

We sometimes, if not always, struggle to maintain this lifestyle. We want to make choices that nurture our bodies and keep us free from disease but inevitably we fail. We fail for many reasons: lack of commitment, ignorance, a busy lifestyle with other priorities, our environment, lack of support, and the feeling that food that comforts us tastes too good to give up.

Marty and I have been developing a healthy lifestyle since 2009 with dramatic success.

We have a radically, effective and safe drug-free, surgery-free way to lose weight and keep it off forever without exercise. As we regained our health we found that our stamina and strength increased and motivated us towards a more active lifestyle. Marty and I made a commitment to support each other in our journey to be healthy and find a way to make it a fun, delicious, and continuous learning experience. People who have seen the changes in us are curious about how we eat and sustain the weight loss. We want to share what we have learned to help others transform their lives. 

We were both overweight. Marty has struggled since boyhood and had tried so many different weight loss programs without sustained success. Carrie really didn’t have issues with her weight until after the birth of her daughter. Slowly her weight crept up. Our family doctor warned us that we were on a bad trajectory. Marty had just graduated to three prescription medications. He wanted to stop the downward spiral - medication causing side effects that get treated with more medication. Carrie’s weight gain was causing concern because her blood pressure was getting out of normal range and she was having increased issues with painful fibroids. 

Our grocery cart was filled with convenience foods such as ready-made sauces, side dishes and soups, microwavable meals, cold cuts, bottled drinks.

We live in a tourist area with tons of fantastic restaurants to choose from for either takeout or dine in. We had our favorite places and were regular patrons: Seafood, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Ribs, Steak Houses, all you can eat buffets…the list goes on. We loved to eat and still do, except now our choices are very different. We still eat tasty food and we are having fun enjoying our options.

There is clearly plenty of interest in how to lose weight based on the volumes of books, regular features in popular TV shows and magazines, and the assortment of weight loss programs. Based on most people’s experience with trying to lose weight there is a range of attitudes. Some of you may have given up, hopelessly thrown up your hands and said, “I am what I am and I can’t change”. Some may be skeptical that there could really be a safe and effective way to lose weight and keep it off forever. For some of you, you will claim genetics are to blame and resign yourselves to a life sentence of being indifferent and miserable. For others, they may not even be aware of the medical dangers of not actively engaging in taking care of their body. There are always the dabblers and curiosity seekers who may give it a try or are looking for a kick-start. Then there are the motivated ones, who are excited about what they have learned, have successfully applied new habits to their daily life and want to support and encourage others to change. Count us in that last category. 

There is so much information available today on how to eat and be healthy and much of it conflicts.

Every day a new study gets published that contradicts results from a previous study. It can be hard to figure out what really works, and what is safe and effective. Over the years we have read many books and watched lots of videos on this subject. We will provide a brief synopsis of those information sources in our expansion of this blog’s content. We have taken simple steps over time, based on our discoveries in the scientific research, then gradually added in changes and tweaked them so that our lifestyle works for us and supports our health goals. We will share all the tips and tricks that we have learned. 

With such a varied range of attitudes towards healthy living we will take into consideration the defeatist, skeptic, fatalistic, oblivious points of view. We will counter them with a realistic method with measurable results. We provide positive proof with our own experiences offering evidence where needed to bolster our point of view. We are not doctors and this is not a medical program. This website does not offer medical advice. What we offer is our own personal experience about our journey of a healthy lifestyle, our successes, and lessons learned. Hopefully our experience will get you to look at where you are today, and inspire you to make some changes that can drastically improve your life. 

Our approach is to share what has worked for us.

We will provide our sources so that if you want you can dig into more detail. You can go to the source and read the website, book or watch the video. We will offer steps that you can take to get started on your own journey of a healthy lifestyle. You will be able to take our suggestions and apply them to your daily life. Over the past several years Marty and I have been asked how we lost the weight. This occurs frequently for Marty because his weight loss has been a dramatic transformation. We’ve talked for years about how could we help others so that they could transform their lives too. Carrie has always been a bookworm and appreciates learning through research. She enjoys using computers and will focus on developing the material for our website that describes our healthy lifestyle. This website gives us a place to post all of our information so that we can direct all those inquiring minds to the source. This is for a growing network of people who share the same goal - a healthy lifestyle.

A lot of what we have learned is common sense and in hindsight seems so obvious.

Some of it is less obvious, and that can be frustrating because at times it seems like both the food industry and government policy work against us having a healthy lifestyle. We will try to point out where we see inconsistencies that keep you from reaching your target weight goal and keeping the pounds off. We will reveal the sneaky tricks and devious ways that mislead you from your weight loss goal. The information we share will help you consider an easy approach to losing weight.

  • We make it clear, concise and simple to understand.
  • We will talk about our personal life story and our motivations to lose weight.
  • Provide a simple review in Home Economics 101: the basics on shopping, stocking and preparing food.
  • Talk about the new foods we have tried and the ones we have grown to love.
  • Post some recipes that are crowd pleasers.
  • And give you tips that work for us.
  • We will also review books and DVDs that will enrich your knowledge about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Our blog is filled with posts that emphasize "Shelby's Guidelines"- these are our recommendations of what we think works best for living a healthy lifestyle.

Some of what you will read here may be familiar. Some information may be new to you. We appreciate your feedback and comments on our blog. We don’t claim to be experts. What we do claim is that this works for us, and it is worth considering and evaluating to see if it will work for you.