Our Story

Learn more about Carrie and Marty Shelby and how they got smart about eating well and taking care of their bodies.

We are Carrie and Marty Shelby, married to each other for what seems like a quick flash but has really been over 30 years. Both of us are in our 50s, and it wasn’t until 2009 that we got smart about taking care of our bodies. 

We love to eat and appreciate tasting new foods. We started this habit of eating together on our unofficial first date. Marty’s invitation to have coffee turned into us enjoying ice cream instead since neither of us were coffee drinkers. On our official first date we went to the seaport and Marty treated Carrie to a lobster dinner, knowing that she had never tried it before.

We have always had some interest in nutrition and have paid varying degrees of attention to eating healthy foods. Now we realize that some of what we knew back then was misguided and uninformed.

We regret that we didn’t give our only daughter healthy eating habits earlier in her life. At the time we thought our food choices were within reason and caused no harm. Fortunately the changes we have made influenced her as a young adult to change her eating habits and she is now realizing the health benefits. 

Carrie likes to cook and credits her mother for encouraging her to learn proficient kitchen skills. Her mother cleverly involved all of Carrie’s six siblings in kitchen activities to lighten the workload. Marty is in charge of cleaning up whatever Carrie cooks. And we joke that his idea of cooking dinner is figuring out where we can go out to eat.

We live on the beautiful west coast of Florida and participate in many outdoor activities such as bicycling, gardening and walking in many of the scenic parks.

Since it is mostly flat in Florida, the closest we get to an elevated hike is when Brady, our golden retriever, goes for walks with us over the intra coastal bridges. Brady checks out all the birds and we enjoy the fantastic sunsets.

We take care of our health so that we can participate in all that life has to offer us.

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